[Box Backup-commit] #13: Fix file locking on Windows

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Sun Nov 26 16:53:46 GMT 2006

#13: Fix file locking on Windows
 Reporter:  chris                                                       |       Owner:  chris
     Type:  defect                                                      |      Status:  new  
 Priority:  normal                                                      |   Milestone:  0.11 
Component:  bbackupd                                                    |     Version:  0.10 
 Keywords:  windows file locking locked volume shadow copy service vss  |  
 There are two locking issues on Windows: Box cannot back up open files,
 and while Box is backing up a file, other applications cannot open it for

 Changing our access method to
 4EB8-8CBC-AD9655DE91BA1033.mspx Volume Shadow Copy Service] is probably
 the right fix for both of these, but it only works on XP and above, and I
 cannot install the SDK it on my development machine. I would also like to
 make it work with MinGW without requiring a restrictively-licensed SDK
 download from Microsoft.

 Please could someone use a Windows machine (XP or above, Windows
 Activation compliant) to download the SDK and [mailto:chris+sdk at qwirx.com
 send it to me]?

 Another option (workaround) might be to use the Windows command-line tools
 to create a shadow copy and back that up instead of the original. However,
 I think that would be a kluge, difficult to install, and difficult to
 detect and handle errors with.

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