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#8: Improve handling of directories with many files
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  Priority:  normal         |   Milestone:  0.20
 Component:  box libraries  |     Version:  0.10
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Comment (by ben):

 bbackupd : When a directory has lots of files, there are rather too many
 compares going on when searching for it's entry in the directory listing
 retrieved from the server. This scales logarithmically.

 bbstored : When housekeeping, bbstored reads every directory. Within each
 directory, the contents are only scanned linearly a couple of times, so
 overall it should scale linearly with the number of directories (where
 number of files in them are far less important).

 We do need to move to a ref counted store, to avoid all this scanning. But
 on review of the code, I don't think the excessive CPU usage on the server
 is due to inefficient handling of large directories.

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