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#22: Windows client has old ReadMe.txt
 Reporter:  petej          |       Owner:  pthomsen
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Component:  documentation  |     Version:  0.10    
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 Found in boxbackup-chris_general_1569-backup-client-mingw32:

 Upgrade instructions

 Version 0.09g to 0.09h

 This version included patches to the server as well. The server for this
 upgrade can be found at http://home.earthlink.net/~gniemcew/ but hopefully
 will be merged into the core in the next release.

 New values in the bbackupd.conf can now be added:

 StoreObjectInfoFile = C:\Program Files\Box Backup\bbackupd\bbackupd.dat

 This stores the state when a backup daemon is shutdown.

 KeepAliveTime = 250

 This is imperative if MaximumDiffingTime is larger than 300, this stops
 the ssl
 layer timing out when a diff is performed. It is wise to set
 long enough for the largest file you may have. If you do not wish to
 upgrade your
 server then make KeepAliveTime greater than MaximumDiffingTime.

 Have fun


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