[Box Backup-dev] Question about bbstored pid

Chris Wilson boxbackup-dev at fluffy.co.uk
Sat Jun 30 23:34:04 BST 2007

Hi James,

> I'm trying to extend the test suite to ensure that all bbstored 
> processes are killed off if they haven't terminated at the end of the 
> test.

chris/merge already does this, you can probably just copy the code from 
infrastructure/makebuildenv.pl.in. (where it creates "t" and "t-gdb")

> When I './runtest.pl backupstore debug', I see a bbstored.pid file 
> created in debug/test/backupstore/testfiles/bbstored.pid, but 'pgrep 
> bbstored' shows more than one process (the main bbstored, a housekeeping 
> process and any client connections).
> Are the other processes just forks of what's in bbstored.pid, and would
> just killing off that process kill all others?

Yes, they are forks from the main process. Killing the main one will kill 
the housekeeping process as well, and the rest will die when you kill any 
bbackupd/bbackupquery processes that are connected to them.

Cheers, Chris.
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