[Box Backup-dev] Build failures in recent trunk

Chris Wilson boxbackup-dev at boxbackup.org
Mon Dec 8 22:07:38 GMT 2008

Hi James,

On Mon, 8 Dec 2008, James O'Gorman wrote:

> I've had Trac performing builds on various platforms over the last week
> or so, and Per has kindly just donated 3 more build hosts.
> The bad news is that the client is currently failing on at least three
> platforms, and the tests are always failing (usually the bbackupd test).

At least some of the build failures seem to be caused by docbook errors. I 
had this problem as well and had to patch my Makefile on Windows to touch 
the files after trying (and failing) to generate them with xsltproc. I'm 
not so sure that it's a good idea to always build them, but I couldn't see 
an easy way to make them only as part of the distribution process. Would 
you mind having a look into that?

> I'm going to skip the November snapshot and try and do one mid-December, 
> if the issues can be fixed.
> Sorry to be the bearer of bad news in the run-up to Christmas!

Seems like a good idea, but I don't know when I'll have the time to look 
at it further. 

Cheers, Chris.
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