[Box Backup-dev] Re: [Box Backup-commit] COMMIT r2191 - box/trunk/contrib/debian

James O'Gorman boxbackup-dev at fluffy.co.uk
Sun Jun 15 22:35:17 BST 2008

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Well spotted, but the default for bbackupd-config, as far as I can tell, 
> is to place all run-state files, including the PID file, in /var/bbackupd.

Ah, OK, fair enough.

> If users choose a different directory for running state than the 
> recommended one, or change the PidFile in bbackupd.conf, then they will 
> have to hack their initscripts to match.

Well, I wrote the FreeBSD script so... :-)
If you think it'll be deviating from other distributions' scripts 
though, let me know and I'll change it.

> I thought about changing the default location of the PID file to be 
> @localstatedir_expanded@/run, but that would break backwards 
> compatibility. I'm not averse to doing that for 0.11 release if people 
> want it, but I didn't want to just go ahead and do it without feedback 
> from people.

I must admit, my config has been sitting there happily for a few years 
now so I've forgotten what the default are; I have CommandSocket and 
PidFile set to /var/run/bbackupd.{sock,pid}, but I'm also awkward and 
have the DataDirectory under /data/bbackupd :-)


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