[Boxbackup-dev] Latest Box Backup on Windows

Peter Jalajas, GigaLock Backup Services pjalajas at gigalock.com
Tue Aug 2 03:26:15 BST 2011

Hi Chris and Charles,

On Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 6:30 PM, Chris Wilson <chris at qwirx.com> wrote:
> Hi Charles,
> On Tue, 12 Jul 2011, Charles Lecklider wrote:
>> On 12/07/2011 05:06, Peter Jalajas, GigaLock Backup Services wrote:
>>> Dang.  Thought I'd try the experimental work in progress MinGW
>>> compilation from
>>> https://www.boxbackup.org/trac/wiki/CompileWithMinGW
>> Not sure how much of a rush you're in, but once I get my new laptop in a
>> few weeks I'll be back on my branch....
> Yay! Welcome back!
>> IIRC, the perl script for OpenSSL doesn't generate a makefile that works
>> properly with VC10 - I had to build a project from scratch.
> It did work for me, I'm sorry if it doesn't work for you.

I've moved on, but I'm long-term interested in compiling Box Backup on
Windows.  I think there are 3 compiling environment options on the
#1.  Using MS Visual C++ 2010 Express
#2.  Using MinGW.
#3.  Using MinGW in Cygwin.
I guess I'm not really interested in investing any more time in #1 for
political and hassle reasons.  I have no preference between #2 or #3.
But I could be swayed by you.  No rush--I look forward to your input,


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