[Boxbackup-dev] What does this mean?

Sune Mølgaard sune at molgaard.org
Thu Jun 30 22:51:50 BST 2011

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Thanks! You helped me to find a bug with reading the old-style
> BackupStoreInfo headers. Please could you update to the latest trunk and
> build a new bbstored to see if it fixes the problem?

NP, but now I get :

Jun 30 23:49:15 jadis bbstored client=0x075ab23f[27724]: NOTICE: Login 
from Client ID 0x075ab23f Read/Write
Jun 30 23:49:16 jadis bbstored client=0x075ab23f[27724]: WARNING: 
Exception thrown: 
BackupStoreException(StoreInfoBlockDeltaMakesValueNegative) at 
Jun 30 23:49:16 jadis bbstored client=0x075ab23f[27724]: NOTICE: 
Connection statistics for BACKUP-75AB23F: IN=4429 OUT=8113 TOTAL=12542
Jun 30 23:49:16 jadis bbstored[27724]: ERROR: Error in child process, 
terminating connection: BackupStore 
StoreInfoBlockDeltaMakesValueNegative (4/16)

I'll run a check fix and retry and see if that helps...



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