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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by Box Backup users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Ticket Owner    Component                             Summary                            
- ------ ------ ------------- ------------------------------------------------------------
n      4 martin box libraries Port Box Backup to AIX
n      6        box libraries Contribute code: SMTP client, HTTP server, Database drivers,
n      7        box libraries Improve restore speed on local repositories
n      8 chris  box libraries Improve handling of directories with many files
n     13 chris  bbackupd      Fix file locking on Windows
n     16 chris  bbackupquery  Restore deleted directories may fail
a     17 chris  bbackupquery  List files using wildcards
a     20 chris  bbackupctl    bbackupctl reload reports prior settings
n     45 ben    bbackupd      File diff performance patch (reduced disk IO and wall time
n     46 chris  bbackupd      bbackupd only ever saves reverse diffs, corrupted files on s
n     47 chris  bbackupd      Account numbers greater than 2^31 (0x7fffffff) do not work c
n     48 chris  bbackupd      Locations that don't exist on first run are never tried agai
n     51 chris  bbackupd      No way to force bbackupd to re-upload files under Windows
n     52 chris  bbackupd      Unable to control the maintenance of old vs. deleted files
n     53 chris  bbackupd      Comparing root directory locations does not work under Windo
n     54 chris  bbackupd      Locations not found on disk (e.g. unmounted filesystems) can
n     55 chris  bbackupd      Should store and preserve directory timestamps
n     56        bbackupquery  Windows: User can polute restore directory by adding a trail
n     57 ben    bbackupd      Create boxbackupresume and other files in DataDirectory
n     58 ben    bbackupd      bbackupquery connection timeout results in error message, sh
n     62 ben    bbackupd      Backups of deleted files may be removed very quickly by hous
a     63 chris  bbackupd      Support hard links in directories
n     65 ben    bbackupd      Some file attributes under Windows are not backed up
n     66 ben    bbackupd      Windows ACL support
n     68 ben    bbackupd      More details when ReadError occurs
n     69        bbackupquery  CRTL+C closes bbackupquery console window under Windows
n     70 ben    bbackupd      Non-ascii character cause error for notifyscript path
n     74        bbackupquery  Reconnect bbackupquery automatically, or at least have a "co
n     77 ben    bbackupd      Min verbosity switch broken for bbackupquery
a     78 chris  bbackupd      Error level for "bbackupquery.exe -u"
30 tickets total.

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