[Box Backup] How to stop the server/client?

Imran boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Apr 5 07:19:02 BST 2004

looks the initial bit of problems I had were with stopping the client/agent.  

What do I need to do to stop the bbackupd or bbstored?  

oh, after the problem email i sent couple of days ago, i decided to just blow
awawy the /raid/*/backup/ directories and start fresh.  afterwards the backup
ran great... for about a day or so backing up.  anyway i was testing the
server out, see if I can kill it and restart it.  and well you can't.  now I
have lots of  RaidFile RaidFileDoesntExist (2/11) errors.  and every client
that tries to connect fails.  (4 clients).  

How can I make it more resilient and/or recover from the raid problems?  
Atleaswt the errors need to have better outputs.  if there is an error, print
out what its looking for ,etc.  the errors are too generic.  

btw ,I am trying to run this software on our production servers.  I'll try to
contribute code... but haven't coded in C/C++ in years.  i do code perl
however, so maybe help in that area.  I will help in testing.  I have some QA
experience, professionally and personally for my own business.

anyway, so far the program is excellent.  besides the little things here and
there, it works quite well.  Pretty impressive set of functionality.  I really
like it.  been looking for a similiar program for a little bit.

Ok, gonna get back to work.  gonna reinstall it and probe its limitations... 


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