[Box Backup] problems....

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Apr 5 09:25:58 BST 2004

On 3 Apr 2004, at 14:35, ian at naweb.com wrote:

> Man,  I wrote this super long email describing my problem and error 
> logs.  and
> my stupid webmail client session expired.

Web developers never seem to think about these things. Expiry times on 
webmail is something you really need to get right!

> anyway, basically i setup client & server.  was having connection 
> problem and
> turned on extended logging.  found out that my hosts file was 
> incorrectly
> setup.    fixed it and the backup started going.  forgot to turn off 
> exteneded
> logging, so I killed both client & server.  and turned off the 
> logging, and
> restarted server & client.  And then i saw that the server continued 
> backing
> up, so I left the console and came back 15 minuts later and noticed 
> that the
> backup was stopped at around 4gigs completed and some errors in the 
> error
> logs.  before I show you those errors, i was curious if these compile 
> warnings
> are anything to worry about:
> g++ -g -Wall -I../../lib/common -DPLATFORM_LINUX -DPLATFORM_GCC3
> -DBOX_VERSION="\"0.04PLUS1\"" -I/usr/local/openssl/include  -c
> RaidFileUtil.cpp -o ../../debug/lib/raidfile/RaidFileUtil.o
> In file included from ../../lib/common/Box.h:159,
>                  from RaidFileUtil.cpp:47:
> /usr/include/asm/byteorder.h:6:2: warning: #warning using private 
> kernel
> header; include <endian.h> instead!

That's nothing to worry about, just a Linux thing. I needed a 
particular platform thing, and that's the only place I could find it. 
And then I found in later kernel versions, it's not allowed.


> lemme know what I did wrong.  or maybe I'm just overlooking something 
> obvious.
>    Also hopefully i haven't overlooked somehting else to include in 
> this
> email.  let me know if you need any other info.

I'm not entirely sure what's gone wrong, but from the errors about not 
being able to get the write lock, it looks like you're running multiple 
bbackupd clients against the same store account.

There are a few errors which would be perfectly normal when a client 
disconnects, but will get cleared up eventually. So completely normal, 
I think, unless they get repeated lots of times. It's the repeated 
RaidFile error which worries me, but you mention in a later email that 
you deleted all the directories. There's a good chance it'll get 
confused if you do that while it's running.


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