[Box Backup] Re: problems....

Imran boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Apr 5 10:45:44 BST 2004

ok, i just turned off digest mode.  not even sure why i set it to digest mode.
 A pain to reply to messages.
>> also, if, lets say, /raid/0.0 harddrive crashed and I was to put in a 
>> new
>> harddrive, wouldn't it rebuild the backup dir?  i renamed the backup 
>> dir, and
>> created a new backup dir with the correct permissions, but i just get 
>> lots of
>> errors.
>But it should have still worked, I hope?

Well the server was stuck.  when a client would connect it would get the error
that I pasted.  and the server side would have the can't find file error.  or
something like that.  I was thinking that maybe the /raid/0.0 setup was messed
up and so i tried to erase that dir and hoped that maybe the system would
automagically recover.  but the problem either was in a different raid dir, or
that it was some corruption of some files.  

This is the same state I was in today.  backup was running well for about 18
or 20 hours.  one thing I noticed is that if i am in the bbackupquery, and
press ^D (ctrl-D) it seg faults.  I forgot to test if it does the same when
type in exit.  anyway, i tried to do a kill on the server to stop it, and
again same problem.  on restart, if a client tries to connect, server spits a
RaidFileDoesntExist (2/11) error.  

I restarted the server, and it gave me a "while housekeeping account xxx,
exception RaidFile RaidFileDoesntExist (2/11) -- aborting housekeeping run for
this account" line in the syslog for each of accounts I have installed (four). 

and when I start backupquery, i can do an list and it will ilst the root dirs.
 and then if I cd to any dir and do a list, it dies:

query > ls
00000002 -d--- bin
00000003 -d--- boot
00000004 -d--- etc
00000005 -d--- home
00000006 -d--- initrd
00000007 -d--- lib
00000008 -d--- root
00000009 -d--- sbin
0000000a -d--- usr
0000000b -d--- var
query > cd etc
query > ls
Exception: Connection TLSReadFailed (Probably a network issue between client
and server.) (7/34)

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