[Box Backup] Development plan

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Apr 7 12:01:24 BST 2004

Here's a plan for the immediate future of development of Box Backup. 
I'd welcome any suggestions and comments.

* Release 0.05 early next week. This will be basically 0.04PLUS2 with a 
few minor extras in the config script.

* Do a little more work, adding a few new features and complete some of 
the "TODO" items (see the TODO.txt file in the distribution).
       - Would a "maximum file size to backup" option be useful?
       - Any other requests?

* Release 0.06, which should be basically feature complete.

* Write the final raidfile tools (raidfiled, for out of process 
raidification, and raidfileutil for checking and rebuilding arrays)

* More testing

* Maybe some more work on the NetBSD, FreeBSD and Darwin ports?

* Release 0.07 (or 1.00?) and advertise it as "stable", ready for 
production use.

I trust people are keeping an eye on their backups, and running 
verifications occasionally...

    /usr/local/bin/bbackupquery "compare -a" quit

Thanks for all your help with finding problems and creating a nice 
stable backup system.


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