[Box Backup] exception BackupStore BadDirectoryFormat

Imran boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Apr 12 03:19:23 BST 2004

Getting this in my server logs:

Apr 10 22:13:43 backup bbstored[16937]: Certificate CN: BLAH-123456 
Apr 10 22:13:43 backup bbstored[16937]: Login: Client ID 00123456, Read/Write
Apr 10 22:15:01 backup bbstored/hk[16603]: Starting housekeeping
Apr 10 22:15:19 backup bbstored[16937]: in server child, exception BackupStore
BadDirectoryFormat (4/6) -- terminating child

and corresponding client entry(looks like the client is 9 seconds behind):

Apr 10 22:13:35 blah bbackupd[27329]: Connection made, login successful
Apr 10 22:15:11 blah bbackupd[27329]: Exception caught (7/34), reset state and
waiting to retry...
Apr 10 22:16:53 blah bbackupd[27329]: File statistics: total file size
uploaded 22948331, bytes already on server 0, encoded size 3837036

As in the log, looks like the client sent stuff to the server, so maybe its a
certain directory thats having problem.

Also I noticed that the bbackupd locked up or whateer.  I was testing to see
if i could still restore a randomo directory.  so i fired up bbackupquery. 
tht worked.  and exited d. and then i ran it again to look for a differnet
direcctory.  i got distracted and bbackupquery was at the prompt for about two
hours and it timed out, of course.  anyway I went to eh client and exited. 
noticed in the sys logs that there were no bbackupd messages for past hour. 
(usually there is the connection messages).  

also bbackupquery should keep track of timeouts.  if its gonna timmeout, it
should just timeout itself.  or server should know if its a backupquery
timeout, in that case print a more graceful message in the srever syslogs

thanks for listening/reading...


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