[Box Backup] exception BackupStore BadDirectoryFormat

Imran boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Apr 15 00:57:22 BST 2004

On Wed, 14 Apr 2004 16:12:33 +0100, Ben Summers wrote
> > No, I didn't clean anything.
> OK, then what you should do, at the very minimum, is
> ....
> * Don't randomly delete files again.

I think I may have been not clear.  The directory error happened on its own. 
I mean, i installed the accounts, and started up 4 clients.  checked on the
server a day later, and everything looked like it had been backed up.  That
was when I noticed the errors (once per each time the backup cycle happens). 
Server and client were running.  I was able to query and do ls of the stuff. 
even tried to restore a random directory and that worked.

So it wasn't that I was doing anything weird to it.  Anyway, after I did the
tests, that was when I ran into a different problem.  which was that I let the
bbackupquery timeout, etc.  But it turns out thats not why the client froze
up.  It was because I was doing a 'strace -p' on the bbackupd process, and
that seemed to have frozen the process after I did a ctrl-c to get out of
strace. It doesn't do that always.  Only sometimes.  I was doing an strace
again to figure out what dir the bbackupd was trying to read when it got the
error.  but I accidentally triggered the hanging.  to unhang it, i simply ran
the strace again, which gave me some terminate type of error and kicked out of
the strace.  and then I noticed that the bbackupd started to write stuff to
the logs.  I ran strace again, ctrl-c, ran strace again, etc., for 3 or 4 more
times.  didn't notice that freezing again.  I'm not an expert with strace so
maybe strace allows you to pass signals or keyboard events (or atleast ctrl-c
or pause or something) to the process its viewing?  Anyway, maybe it was
because i closed strace when the bbackupd gave the error and maybe was waiting
for something.   (because it was around 3 to 10 seconds after I received the
BadDirectoryFormat, that I pressed ctrl-c in strace...both times that I
produced that error.  I'll try again, but for now I'm going to clean out that
account and try the backup again.


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