[Box Backup] Cygwin build

Paul Arch boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Fri Apr 16 10:14:16 BST 2004

> SecondsToBoxTime(value)
BackupQueries.cpp:964: error: call of overloaded `SecondsToBoxTime(unsigned
int)' is ambiguous
> do
> SecondsToBoxTime((uint32_t)value)
Done, did the trick for the above (bbackupctl), but there seems to be other
instances of this occuring when compiling bbackupd.  Is it worth casting to
fix, or can it be done somewhere else ?

> You must never alter system headers. Programs compiled with them won't
> work.

np, I have a cygwin installation esp. for getting boxbackup going, but
thanks for advice :)

> You should actually just alter the code in bbackupquery to use stat to
> work out which is which. As a #define with PLATFORM_CYGWYN, of course,
> wouldn't want to spoil it for the other platforms.
OK, will have to give this a go.

> need to make sure that the hton64 and ntoh64 defines do actually swap
> stuff. It looks like the __cpu_to_be64 and __be64_to_cpu functions
> don't do anything on Cygwin.
;) looking better now from Cygwin
Apr 16 17:32:30 sdmgbackup bbstored[2230]: Send
Apr 16 17:32:31 sdmgbackup bbstored[2230]: Receive
Apr 16 17:32:31 sdmgbackup bbstored[2230]: Send Success(0x1)
Apr 16 17:32:31 sdmgbackup bbstored[2230]: Sending stream, size 40

Testrun a backup gives ( syslogd for cygwin goes to Event Log in windows ):
following information is part of the event: bbackupd : PID 1520 : File
statistics: total file size uploaded 18560926, bytes already on server 0,
encoded size 4855465.


Backups seem to be happening to linux server.  But, I cannot use "compare"
for verify, probably has something to do with FILE/DIR stat stuff as noted


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