[Box Backup] Cygwin build

Paul Arch boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Sat Apr 17 07:13:01 BST 2004


> Here's a snippet of code for BackupQueries::Compare which should work
> on Cygwin:


Bingo, did the trick :

>From command "compare -aq" :
Local file '/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Intuit/QuickBooks/QBWIN.LOG' has
different contents to store file '/accounts/QBWIN.LOG'.
[blah blah]
[ 1 (of 6) differences probably due to file modifications after the last
Differences: 6 (0 dirs excluded, 0 files excluded)
Logging off...
Session finished.

It did take a while (maybe 10 minutes on 187mb dataset, I wasnt exactly
counting).  But I also run a compare -aq on my linux dataset (5.5gig local
bbackupd and bbstored on XP2100 512mb ram), and it is still going so I am

I am close to say boxbackup works under CYGWIN_NT_5.0.  I shall do some
cleaning up and send you my modified files.  Otherwise, do you think it is
worthwhile attempted to run the testsuite ?


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