[Box Backup] windows client

Paul Arch boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Sat Apr 17 07:16:43 BST 2004

> I just found out about this project and just subscribed to the list. I'm
curious if anyone has taken a look at OpenVPN, which also uses OpenSSL, and
which has clients for W32 among other platforms. Just thought that might
help in making this very useful tool available to more folks.

I have been working on getting boxbackup operating under a cygwin
environment under windows.  You "could" simply use the cygwin generated
boxbackup 'exe' files with appropriate cygwin dll files if you wanted to.

I have done this before with cygwins rsync.exe for some windows machines I
have around, but of course it is somewhat slower.


Paul Arch
Software Engineer

S.D.M. Group Pty. Ltd.

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