[Box Backup] Cygwin build

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Tue Apr 20 09:56:40 BST 2004

On 20 Apr 2004, at 09:38, Paul Arch wrote:

>> It would be worth checking that the basics work, I'd like to know that
>> test/backupdiff, common, compress and crypto all worked.
> Hi,
>  I havent done much with this over the last couple of days (weekend + 
> moving
> house ), but anyway I quickly ran make test and got :
> common: PASSED
> crypto: PASSED
> compress: PASSED
> basicserver: PASSED
> raidfile: make failed
> backupstore: make failed
> backupdiff: PASSED
> bbackupd: make failed
> Because of the 'inflexibility' of the cygwin/dos prompt environment I 
> just
> ran that in, I cant tell you much more ! I havent applied any of the 
> changes
> I did to get the main stuff to compile to the test suite.

That should be fine for a version of the client -- the ones which fail 
are ones which I wouldn't expect to work on Cygwin. Send me the 
changes, and I'll produce a distribution with them in for people to 



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