[Box Backup] packaging, set limits, thank you's

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Apr 21 09:40:10 BST 2004

On 21 Apr 2004, at 08:07, SITKEI Attila wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 06:47:14PM +0100, Ben Summers wrote:
>>> And, additionally, it'd be great to be able to set limit
>>> regarding the bbstored's machine view: the amount of data that may be
>>> used by client (now the only possibility is the give this before
>>> compression).
>> The storage limit is specified on the server, in disc space used on 
>> the
>> server -- it *is* set in the bbstored's machine view of things. A
>> little bit extra will be used for the file meta-data (the directory
>> structure), but nothing too excessive.
> in my example:
> $ /usr/local/bin/bbstoreaccounts info f22
>                   Account ID: 00000f22
>               Last object ID: 27381
>                  Blocks used: 4862516 (9497.10Mb)
>     Blocks used by old files: 306779 (599.18Mb)
> Blocks used by deleted files: 27888 (54.47Mb)
>   Blocks used by directories: 5976 (11.67Mb)
>             Block soft limit: 6656000 (13000.00Mb)
>             Block hard limit: 7168000 (14000.00Mb)
>          Client store marker: 1082373546000000
> $ df -h
> Filesystem    Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
> /dev/wd0a     295M   200M  80.2M    71%    /
> /dev/wd0d     8.9G   6.2G   2.3G    73%    /data
> $ uname -a
> OpenBSD bdb 3.4 GENERIC#1 i386
> $
> the `Blocks used' value is true for the client's data's amount, but
> not for used storage on the server, why?

1) The bbstoreaccounts info command only shows the space used by that 
single account. I assume you use your server for other things, or other 
accounts, so the usage listing will not match a df listing.

2) There are a number of possibilities why the space used listed on the 
server would match the size of the data on the client:

a) Old and deleted files increase the total size (because the first 
entry includes all the other entries)

b) You are using the raidfile system on the server, and the files on 
the client compress to about 66% of their original size (which is to be 
expected for the average file set). Then the raidfile system increases 
the size of the stored files by 50%, resulting in the space used on the 
server equaling the size of the files on the client.

c) You are not using the raidfile system on the server, and the files 
on the client aren't very compressible. So each file stored is about 
the same size as that file on the client.

Does this make sense? I can assure you that the sizes specified to 
bbstoreaccounts are set in server side usage.


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