[Box Backup] boxbackup on 64bit systems (= on alpha)

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Apr 26 09:57:28 BST 2004

On 26 Apr 2004, at 00:02, Flavio Curti wrote:

> Hi
> I tried to run bbackupd as a client on a alpha debian Linux. While it
> compiled fine and the daemon started, nothing happens. I suspect it's
> not 64bit safe, or little-endian / big endian problems...
> So, should it run?

It should run. Is there anything in your logs?

I've very carefully written it to be independent of endianness (all 
structures which go between machines have bytes swapped to network byte 
order) and all types which are important to be specific lengths are 
specified explicitly.

There is one minor issue with endianness, where you can't restore on a 
platform with a different endianness to the one which backed it up, but 
I'm on the case and will fix that in the next release (in a backwards 
compatible way), and this won't affect you in this case.

The errors you've listed all seem to be just warnings which are fairly 
harmless, although it'd be nice to fix them. Which compiler are you 
using? (output of gcc -v)

I'm aware that it won't work on openbsd-spparc64 -- C++ exceptions (a 
basic language feature) just don't work on this particular platform, 
but I suspect that it'll work on Linux.

Try running the tests, and see what happens

    perl ./runtest.pl ALL release

It'll take a while, but should give a fair indication of what's likely 
to work and where it goes wrong.

If I can have an account on that machine, then I can have a look 
sometime and see if I can fix things. It'd be useful to have a 64 bit 
machine to test on, as you can see, the code needs cleaning up a 



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