[Box Backup] New encryption format & Space usage

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Apr 29 14:21:09 BST 2004

On 29 Apr 2004, at 14:10, Flavio Curti wrote:

> Hi, me again ;)
> On Thu, Apr 29, 2004 at 09:04:52AM -0400, rprice at freeshell.org wrote:
>> but what I was really hoping for was a list of files (and their sizes)
>> that were being backed up.
> I second that. I'd like to know:
> - when the last contact were
> - how many files/bytes were transferred

These two bits of info are available in the logs already -- make sure 
local6.info is logged somewhere with syslog.


> - how many files were changed, new, deleted and so on

I could add that fairly easily. Expect it in the next version.

> Right now it's difficult to tell if the client really works... I was
> biten many times by backup-clients not really working, so it'd be nice
> if there was some way to gather some informations. ``bbackupctl stat''
> comes to mind.

Would that be really better than looking in the logs?

And to check the backup properly...

   /usr/local/bin/bbackupquery "compare -a" quit

will give you a definitive answer regarding whether or not the backup 
has worked. It's worth doing occasionally, and I'd be grateful if you 
would, just to make sure this software is tested properly.

(add the -q flag to check checksums only, not downloading the file data 
itself -- may not work with data uploaded with pre-0.05PLUS1B clients 
with 0.05PLUS1B bbackupquery, though)


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