[Box Backup] How to include a single file?

Eduardo Alvarenga boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Feb 2 19:01:08 GMT 2004

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On Sun, 1 Feb 2004, Ben Summers wrote:

> >  Sure. I want to backup some files without touching them. I have
> >  some directories which I want only some files to be backuped (temp=20
> >  files come to mind). Regex will be welcome too.
> You have a version which does Regex excludes.

 I don't mean Regex EXCLUDES. I mean Regex INCLUDES.

> >  If you mind, please change "Path =3D" to something like "Include =3D"
> >  beeing it a directory or not.
> >
> Actually, I spoke too soon. It is possible to do exactly what you want
> by use of regular expressions -- set the path to be the containing
> directory and exclude all the things you don't want to back up.

 This is not quite a nice solution. I personally (and I thing anyone=20
 else) prefers to just tell bbackupd to backup a single file instead of=20
 telling it to backup the result of an expensive and obviously not=20
 necessary regex calculation.

 This behavior is not user friendly. Please take my idea, It'll be much=20
 more welcome.

> root-for-bsd
> {
> =09Path =3D /
> =09ExcludeDirsRegex =3D .
> =09ExcludeFilesRegex =3D ^[^b][^s][^d]
> Of course, this is a little clumsy (and this example won't actually=20
> work in the general case, just in the case of a normal root directory),=
> and would be easier if I added way of saying "not" a regular=20
> expression.

 THIS is what I mean. Imagine a file with a name such as=20
 "this_is_my_litte_script_with_a_large_name". This will be too expensive
 and slow. And totally ridiculous to configure. I DO REALLY prefer:

 "Path =3D /bsd", "Path =3D /usr/local/script/foo*" instead of 3 lines of=
 regex for EACH file.

 Put yourself on my shoes.

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