[Box Backup] databases

Bo Rasmussen boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Feb 12 12:54:15 GMT 2004

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> Closed -- not a problem.

Great !

> Open -- depends.
> But as I said, this problem is common to all backup systems.=20
> But because of the nature of Box Backup, I'm going to take=20
> extra precautions and detect changes.

Thats totally great Ben !!!!

We have talked a little about the possibillity
of something like backing up to 3 different external physical
harddisks/SAN. So instead of backing up to 3 harddisks in raid
then backup to 3 SANS in raid .. Is this a possibillity ?

I know that it sounds a little long fetched :)

> Thanks for trying it out.

No problem, I'm also trying to make it compile on my 2 HPPA
machines, but without much luck yet ...


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