[Box Backup] databases

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Feb 12 13:04:03 GMT 2004

On 12 Feb 2004, at 12:54, Bo Rasmussen wrote:

>> Open -- depends.
>> But as I said, this problem is common to all backup systems.
>> But because of the nature of Box Backup, I'm going to take
>> extra precautions and detect changes.
> Thats totally great Ben !!!!
> We have talked a little about the possibillity
> of something like backing up to 3 different external physical
> harddisks/SAN. So instead of backing up to 3 harddisks in raid
> then backup to 3 SANS in raid .. Is this a possibillity ?
> I know that it sounds a little long fetched :)

I'm not sure I entirely follow. However, if you can mount three 
filesystems, you can do userland raid. What those three filesystems are 
doesn't really matter. They could be NFS mounts, RAID arrays, external 
hard drives, whatever you want.

So if you can arrange to have three filesystems which don't live on the 
same physical hardware, the answer is yes. If they do live on the same 
physical hardware, then there's hardly any point.

>> Thanks for trying it out.
> No problem, I'm also trying to make it compile on my 2 HPPA
> machines, but without much luck yet ...

Which OS is this? What errors do you get?


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