[Box Backup] databases

Bo Rasmussen boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Feb 12 13:17:44 GMT 2004

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> I'm not sure I entirely follow. However, if you can mount=20
> three filesystems, you can do userland raid. What those three=20
> filesystems are doesn't really matter. They could be NFS=20
> mounts, RAID arrays, external hard drives, whatever you want.

Yes, thats what i meant .. Great, we will try with some NFS mounts
from 3 Windows 2000/2003 servers to a OpenBSD 3.4 :)
> So if you can arrange to have three filesystems which don't=20
> live on the same physical hardware, the answer is yes. If=20
> they do live on the same physical hardware, then there's=20
> hardly any point.


> Which OS is this? What errors do you get?

OpenBSD 3.4 - HP9000/700/60

It's the client which barfs on compilation, I don't have the
computer turned on now, but I will try to compile it this weekend.


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