[Box Backup] Any last feature requests before 0.04?

Eduardo Alvarenga boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Feb 26 12:02:56 GMT 2004

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On Thu, 19 Feb 2004, Ben Summers wrote:

> I've been adding a few features to Box Backup. I think I've got all I=20
> want for 0.04, and am now going to get it going on platforms other than=
> OpenBSD, and chase down a little bug.
> But is there any other (relatively small) thing anyone really wants as=20
> soon as possible?
> Changes so far:
> * regex exclude (and exception to exclusions, as requested)
> * bbackupquery: alias 'ls', add help in program
> * config programs: excludes keys file if it might be backed up,=20
> validates config much much more to catch the common problems seen so=20
> far
> * improved flexibility with backup timing, including the ability to do=20
> snapshot backups (emulates more traditional backup systems)
> * bbackupctl program for controlling bbackupd daemon
> * bbstoreaccounts takes sizes in blocks, Mb or Gb with unit suffix
> * bug fixes
> * work around memory over-consumption issues with STL < v3

 How about *single* file backup instead of *directories* ? Remember?

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