[Box Backup] Pre-0.04 version -- please use!

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Feb 26 13:36:44 GMT 2004


I will shortly be doing a 0.04 release, and I'm very pleased with the 
improvements I've made. However, I would like to try it out with a few 
people, and wait about a week before doing a public release.

I would be very grateful if you could download and install this new 
version. It shouldn't take too long, and has some important bug fixes 
and handy new features (see below).


The configuration for bbackupd has changed a little, and so is not 
compatible with old configuration files. Also, I've much improved the 
configuration scripts, so I'd like them to be tested too (mainly by 
catching the common problems and telling you about them.)

The best way of upgrading is to

* Kill old running versions

* Compile and install

* Move the /etc/box directory out of the way

* Run the *-config scripts as appropriate

* From the old /etc/box/* directories, copy the key and certificate 
files. (basically the subdirectories can be copied back, but bbackupd 
has a new file in there)

* Restart the new daemons.

bbackupd-config has a new parameter, it's now

     bbackupd-config config-dir backup-mode account-num server-hostname 
working-dir \
        backup-dir [more backup directories]

backup-mode is either 'lazy' or 'snapshot'. Choose 'lazy' for the 
current behaviour. Choose snapshot if you would like to use the new 
bbackupctl program as a cron job to say exactly when you want to take a 
snapshot of your file system. (The first mode is good for collections 
of documents, the second is good for backing up servers.)

Thanks for all your support.


* regex exclude (with exception to exclusions -- see generated 
bbackupd.conf for more instructions)
* work around memory issues with STL < v3
* bbackupquery, alias 'ls', help in program
* config programs, excludes keys file if it might be backed up, 
validates config more
* bug fixes + code clean up
* improved flexibility with backup timing, including the ability to do 
snapshot backups
* bbackupctl program for controlling bbackupd daemon
* bbstoreaccounts takes sizes in blocks, Mb or Gb with unit suffix
* start of sync times recorded in bbackupd working dir 
("last_sync_start" and "last_sync_end")
* bbackupquery compares check last mod time to see if this explains a 
* script run to alert administator that store is full

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