[Box Backup] Multiple machines on the same account

Pascal Lalonde boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Sun Feb 29 02:11:50 GMT 2004

Is it safe to use the same account to store data for multiple machines?
Must I give different names for backup locations? Can they all use the
same client certificate (In fact, I think they must) ?

For example, on host A:
		Path = /home

And on host B:
		Path = /home

The reason for this is that I have a few friends for whom I will backup
data. I want to set quotas for each of them, but they may have more than
one machine to backup. For example, if I set a quota of 5G for Bob, and
he decides to backup his 3 machines, I don't want him to exceed a total
of 5G of data, without having to care how much each machine uses.

Am I safe with the above setup? Can the server handle multiple
connections on the same account?

Also I noticed a few minor things which could need

- In bbackupquery, when you type the help command, the "ls" command does
  not get shown.
- The output of a few "help <command>" could be formatted to fit nicely
  on a 80 characters wide terminal. For example, "help get".
- "help get" misses a newline on the first line:
  get <object-filename> [<local-filename>]get -i <object-id> <local-filename>
- Same goes for "help compare".

- In the documentation, maybe add something about servers behind a
  firewall (which are not directly on the net, via NAT). I had to
  modify the /etc/box/bbstored.conf file so the ListenAddress points to
  the IP of the server on the LAN, even if the hostname used by the
  clients is in fact the hostname of the firewall.
  I issued the bbstored-config command with the hostname of the
  firewall (as instructed on the website).
  I figured it out by looking for exception 3/16 in ServerException.h
  (BindError), by it might be good to mention it.

And should we exclude /var/bbackupd from our backups? Is there a point
to back it up?

Pascal Lalonde

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