[Box Backup] License

Pascal Lalonde boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Sun Feb 29 03:40:13 GMT 2004

Of course I'd prefer it to be under a BSD license. Where I work
my superiors would be glad to use BoxBackup to backup our customer's
data. The thing is, we are not a large company, and we need to get
something out of it to be able to maintain the extra servers.
Our big customers don't really need it, since they have well established
backup procedures with tape drives (still, I wouldn't be surprised to
discover a certain lack of discipline). But smaller offices have poor,
or almost non-existent backup procedures, can't afford it, and we
can't afford going there each week with portable harddrives to take a
snapshot of their data.

If your program gets adopted by larger companies, maybe you'll get
funding to add features, port it to other platforms, make it more
stable, more scalable, whatever.

Like you say, putting it under a BSD license would certainly reassure a
lot of people, and you would get a lot more users. A lot of bugs will be
discovered and fixed, and maybe people will try test its security to find
flaws in the design. The product will surely benefit from this.
Just an advice though: be sure to add more comprehensive error reporting
before you do this, because your mailbox will be flooded from user's
questions ;-)

On the downside, you lose the exclusivity. But those who had the idea of
charging for backups will probably turn to other ideas, like rsync over
SSH, even if it's not quite the same. So in the end, I don't think you
would gain much more by leaving the license as it is.

It may seem like I'm just waiting for you to put it under a BSD license
so we can get rich by charging for backups, but I'm not really that
type. And the price must be under what it costs for tape drives and
cartriges. And using BoxBackup means the customer needs a reasonable
bandwidth, and preferably no upload quota (my ISP charges an extra 30$
CAN to remove the 5Gb limit, and raise the upload rate from 360Kbits to
640Kbits). The monthly fee would have to be quite low, because most
customers are quick on x12 multiplications. I'm not a finance expert,
but I don't think much profit could be made by charging for backups,
unless one has many, many customers.

So yes, I'd like BoxBackup to be put under a BSD license, but remember
that BoxBackup is yours, and that you are free to do as you will.
That's my opinion.

Pascal Lalonde

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