[Box Backup] License

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Mar 1 17:26:43 GMT 2004

On 1 Mar 2004, at 04:20, Juan Vera wrote:

> hello
>  While I'm not sure about what is your bussiness plan once
> the software is BSD licensed -ie when what you make money
> off is not from the software it self- you may check the
> sendmail model.
>   Sendmail is free enough to be in the OpenBSD tree and
> there's Sendmail.COM where you can buy support, and some
> extra features and tools.
>  It is included in all and every UNIX distribution (well,
> almost all I know) what makes it the first available option
> for the sysadmin to try. In the same way you may submit Box
> Backup to be included on different OS distributions,
> including the commercial ones, of course.
>  I guess reviews on different web sites would attract more
> google people than 'powered by' links. A post in deadly,
> slashdot, etc. would put Box Backup on the eyes of
> everybody. You may even try to write something for sysadmin
> magazine or others to catch the magazine-reader type of IT
> people.
>  Hope this helps

Yes, thanks!

I think I'm decided that the next one will be purely BSD licensed. As 
you point out, there are plenty of business models around open source.


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