[Box Backup] Latest version

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Fri Mar 5 10:07:56 GMT 2004

On 5 Mar 2004, at 09:58, Nick Suckling wrote:

> Hi Ben,
> The server side seemed to install fine on OpenBSD 3.4 but the client
> bbackupd-config throws up the following.
> ERROR: backup mode must be 'lazy' or 'snapshot'

I modified the config script slightly, but didn't want to change the 
web site as it would confuse people using the old version:

bbackupd-config has a new parameter, it's now

     bbackupd-config config-dir backup-mode account-num server-hostname 
working-dir \
        backup-dir [more backup directories]

backup-mode is either 'lazy' or 'snapshot'. Choose 'lazy' for the 
current behaviour. Choose snapshot if you would like to use the new 
bbackupctl program as a cron job to say exactly when you want to take a 
snapshot of your file system. (The first mode is good for collections 
of documents, the second is good for backing up servers.)

  -- summary: insert "lazy" after '/etc/box'.

> Also an unrelated question but how would you rebuild the array from 
> hard
> disk failure.

At the moment, you have to wait until I write the necessary tools. 
Shouldn't be that long, basically all the code is there, I just need to 
pop it into a little daemon which does the magic in the background.

Thanks for trying it out!


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