[Box Backup] Another pre-release...

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Mar 8 14:59:23 GMT 2004


Sorry about this, but can I try to persuade you to download and install 
a new pre-0.04 version?


I noticed that previous versions had problems with unexpected file 
modification times. This happens when you back up a file server, and 
the clients don't have synchronized clocks. The current version coped 
OK with small variations, but not the major ones I found on one 
particular installation.

Anyway, I have rather dramatically modified how it detects changes, 
which solves this problem. However, I would really like it tested 
before I release it to the wider world. As a bonus, this new method 
uses less memory.

I hope that you're verifying your backups occasionally?

   /usr/local/bin/bbackupquery "compare -a" quit

This is how I caught this problem.

Thanks for all your help and support with this project.


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