[Box Backup] Another pre-release...

Pascal Lalonde boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Mar 8 19:30:18 GMT 2004

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 02:59:23PM +0000, Ben Summers wrote:
> Hi
> Sorry about this, but can I try to persuade you to download and install 
> a new pre-0.04 version?
>   http://www.fluffy.co.uk/boxbackup/bin/boxbackup-0.03PLUS3.tgz
Of course. As long as we can keep our configs, upgrading is quite
simple, and fast.

> I noticed that previous versions had problems with unexpected file 
> modification times. This happens when you back up a file server, and 
> the clients don't have synchronized clocks. The current version coped 
> OK with small variations, but not the major ones I found on one 
> particular installation.
> Anyway, I have rather dramatically modified how it detects changes, 
> which solves this problem. However, I would really like it tested 
> before I release it to the wider world. As a bonus, this new method 
> uses less memory.
I noticed that something was wrong about files being updated, but I
wasn't to sure. But before sending something to the list I wanted to be
sure. Recently I did set up a cron job:

0 * * * * date > ~/current_time.txt

I suspect that it sometimes takes more than 24 hours to update the file.
I'm quite busy these days, so I didn't have the time to look into it
seriously. I'll see with PLUS3.

Moreover, bbackupquery crashes very often when I try to 'get' a file,
something like 1 out of 3 times.

What is the info would you need to be able to find the source of this
problem? I was thinking of building the debug version of bbackupquery
and send the core file, and my bbackupd.conf file.
Should I enable extended logging on the server side and see if it tells
relevant information?

To build the debug version of bbackupquery, do I just need to go in
bin/bbackupquery and do "make"? Will it rebuild the stuff under
lib/common too? Or should I do a make clean before?

Of course, I'll try the new version before anything else, in case it
fixes the problem.

Pascal Lalonde

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