[Box Backup] redhat 7.3

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Wed Mar 31 14:36:56 BST 2004

Hi all. 

Originally this message was going to be a question about a problem.  But I
just solved it so I'll just mention the problem/solution in case someone would
run into it.

I have a Redhat 7.3 box which has openssl 0.9.6 installed using rpm and 0.9.7
installed manually from the source in /usr/local/ssl (the normal place).  

Problem was that the configure script would not see my 0.9.7 installation and
would only see 0.9.6.  What I did to fix it was that I reinstalled openssl but
with the prefix set to redhats normal location.  only problem is that you
would be changing some of the libraries to newere versions.  I am not sure
exactly what consequences it will have but you'll probably have to, atleast,
restart anything that uses ssl, and at worst recompile something... or am I
wrong about that?  anyway, the exact openssl config command was:

./config shared --prefix=/usr --openssldir=/usr/include/ssl

I had no problem compiling on fedora core 1.  So anyway, not sure if something
can be done to fix the config script or maybe it was something wrong with my
redhat 7.3 installation.  I'll try a different 7.3 box in a couple of days. 

--Imran Niazi

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