[Box Backup] Win32 Port - bbackupctl issue wit configuration file

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Sun Nov 7 11:30:23 GMT 2004

On 6 Nov 2004, at 00:17, Chris Hane wrote:

> I am getting the following error when trying to test the Win32 client 
> (posted by Nick Knight) version 0.8f.
> I have:
>  - installed the server on a Linux box and have Linux clients backing 
> up to it
>  - installed the client on Win32
>  - can query the server with "bbackupquery -c bbackupd.conf"
>  - can run the daemon "bbackupd -c bbackupd.conf"
> When I run the client [bbackupctl -c bbackupd.conf] I get the 
> following error:
> C:\Program Files\Box Backup>bbackupctl -c bbackupd.conf synch
> Using configuration file
> Exception: Common (1/2)
> I'm probably doing something very simple wrong.  I just don't see what 
> is wrong in the config file (or am I specifying the path incorrectly). 
>  I have installed the win32 client in the default location of 
> ("program
> files\box backup").  Also, I am running on Windows XP.

The error means that it cannot open the config file (it appears the 
Win32 client is built without the full error messages which would have 
suggested this.)

Which directory are you running the command from? Type "dir" first, and 
if bbackup.conf is not listed, then that's your problem. In which case 
try something like

bbackupctl -c "c:\Program Files\Box Backup\bbackupd.conf" sync

> As a note, when I look in the PID directory below there is not a file 
> named bbackupd.pid.  Could that be the issue?

Not with bbackupctl. It might suggest that the daemon isn't actually 
running though. Check your logs.


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