[Box Backup] deleted files

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Tue Nov 9 14:38:12 GMT 2004

On 9 Nov 2004, at 14:28, Nigel Marsh wrote:

> Hi,
> I have just tried to recover a file that was deleted on Friday.

When was the file created?

>  I went to
> find the file but it was nowhere to be found ( ls -d ). There is lots 
> of
> backup space left allocated on the server so, I assumed that the 
> deleted file
> would still be available.

Correct assumption.

> My question is, do files deleted on the client get deleted on the 
> server
> before the allocated space is eaten up and rotation of the backed up 
> files
> begins? If so, is there anyway to adjust how long deleted files are 
> kept ?

Files are only removed when the server runs out of space. They are then 
deleted in order of "usefulness" and age, oldest first.

> If files are kept until rotated due to lack of space I must assume 
> that this
> person had the file in a different location.

Or it wasn't uploaded in the first place? Remember there are rules 
about how long a file must exist unmodified before it will be uploaded.

> I have started an experiment by deleting a couple of unrequired files 
> and will
> watch them to see how long they last but, if I could get an answer from
> someone on the list that knows about this then it would be very much
> appreciated.

I suspect the file didn't make it onto the server in the first place. 
Check your bbackupd.conf file for the timings on when files will be 
uploaded. Does it explain what you see?


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