[Box Backup] Issue with sync

Jan Kupka boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Fri Nov 12 15:57:10 GMT 2004

Ben Summers wrote:
> On 5 Nov 2004, at 09:18, Jan Kupka wrote:
>> Hello Ben!
>> I will play with the MinimumFileAge and MaxUploadWait and will let you 
>> know if it resolves the issue.
> OK.

The issue is solved! The problem was not in the file ages but in 2 files 
larger than 2G which caused the daemon to halt on that directory and 
would not continue on. I could not read anything from the 
/var/log/messages even with extended logging enabled. Is there any way 
to spot such thing anywhere?

Anyway I have split these files and all is being backed up now without 

>> The other BackupLocations are on the same server as the problematic 
>> one. We have 1 production server and one backup which is on the same 
>> LAN. This is why it came to me strange that one is working and the 
>> other not. Anyway, I will let you know what the result is. 

Thanks, Jan.

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