[Box Backup] bbackupquery reports 188% used

Dennis Speekenbrink boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Tue Nov 16 13:45:03 GMT 2004

Jonas Lundgren wrote:

> Well, it's supposed to be <1gb, but, i recently changed some stuff in 
> the conf file, and replaced a '=' with a '(' by accident, so it tried 
> to backup my whole ftproot, i have never changed the accound size.
> Before the last backup it was at 1.5gb, after it was finished (noticed 
> it today), it was at 20GB.. So it tried to upload like 200GB of data 
> in one connection..
> My question is just, why didn't it disconnect when it hit 100% usage, 
> why did it continue to upload 188%?
> And, can i somehow delete this from the backup? Or do I have to set 
> the accound hard limit to like 1MB and let it clean itself up?

If I understand it right, correcting the bbackupd.conf file will 
automatically mark the files in the store as "deleted".
The server's housekeeping process would then delete "deleted" files 
until it reaches the soft limit.

There is however a delay in this process.  The houskeeping process will 
wait for 2 days(?) before deleting to allow easy recovery in case of a 
temporary mistake.


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