[Box Backup] BoxBackup: Solaris

Peter Porter boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Nov 22 18:57:15 GMT 2004


I emailed you a few weeks ago about getting BoxBackup to compile under 
Solaris.  I noticed a mention of Solaris attempts in a few emails 
regarding the latest builds.  What's the status on that?  Anything I can 
help out with, at the least as far as testing goes?

Also, where would I go about getting the bleeding edge release?  I still 
only see 0.08 on the site.

I apologize for bothering you with these questions, but I figured better 
you than you and the entire list!

p.s. - I am now happily using BoxBackup between my two Linux servers, 
and I'm incredibly happy with it.

Ben Summers wrote:

> On 22 Nov 2004, at 17:40, J. Meyers wrote:
>> Hello again,
>> I have one small problem with ExcludeDir/AlwaysIncludeDir. Until 
>> yesterday I had the following config without the AlwaysIncludeDir 
>> directive, then I added it but with no effect and also no errors in 
>> syslog (sure, I restarted bbackupd ;-). /var/www/dir1/html/webalizer 
>> still doesn't get backuped.
>>        var-www
>>        {
>>                Path = /var/www
>>                ExcludeDir = /var/www/dir1
>>                ExcludeDir = /var/www/dir2/files
>>                ExcludeDir = /var/www/dir3/files
>>                AlwaysIncludeDir = /var/www/dir1/html/webalizer
>>        }
>> I could specify a new backup name, but maybe someone has an idea why 
>> this include doesn't work.
> A program logic thing which isn't caught, but probably should be.
> The problem is that /var/www/dir1 has already been excluded, so isn't 
> scanned, so it doesn't get anywhere near /var/www/dir1/html/webalizer 
> to include it. You could use Regexes to exclude things in such a way 
> that /var/www/dir1/html gets scanned.
> Ben
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