[Box Backup] BoxWin using Mapped Network drives

Jammer boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Apr 11 01:17:00 BST 2005


Is there an issue with boxwin (v0.09f) not backing up "mapped" network 
drives ? (I'm not sure if this is a bug or expected behaviour.)
I've been trying to get a Samba mounted network folder backed up but 
nothing seems to happen.

I have 

		Path = H:\Data

in my bbackupd.conf file but this folder does not seem to get backed up. 

I suspect this is a problem with the Windows API rather than boxbackup 
but I'd like some confirmation on this if possible.

I can probably achieve the result by backing up the folder on the Samba 
server but as this is user specific data, it would make more sense to 
back it up based upon the user's view of their files.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Thanks

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