[Box Backup] win32 client varients

Jammer boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Apr 11 12:31:35 BST 2005

On Mon, 11 Apr 2005 22:56, Mr R G Shepherd wrote:
> Which would be considered the most reliable Win32 client presently?
> Win32 port BoxWin /or
> Cygwin port
> It seems at the moment the Win32 port is suffering from porting
> issues. would the cygwin compiled variant suffer the same or similar
> unreliabilities?
> Can anybody comment?

Well I've tried both recently and I've not been able to get the Cygwin 
version of the bbackupd client to run. (The Win32 port installs this as 
a service but I don't think there is a direct equivalent for Cygwin.) 
Trying to run it from the bash shell as a daemon just results in it 
exiting silently. (Maybe I'm doing something wrong.) I'm going to try 
the debug variant next.

bbackupquery from Cygwin seems to work nicely but that's the easy bit I 

Also, the boxwin port will not run on Win98 (missing entry point in 
kernel32.dll) for me. I'm also unable to build the cygwin version on 
Win98 so I'm hoping a version created on XP will run under Win98. (Of 
course I have to solve the issue with bbackupd exiting first.)  I'll 
report my findings.

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