[Box Backup] win32 client varients

Per Thomsen boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Tue Apr 12 04:59:33 BST 2005

On 4/11/05 4:02 PM, Jammer wrote:

>I get a message saying:
>"No random device -- additional seeding of random number generator not 
>Box Backup Client v0.09, (c) Ben Summers 2003, 2004"
>and then I'm dumped back to the bash prompt. No warning or errors are 
>reported. It just exits silently.
>I've compiled the debug version and I get the same behaviour except 
>without the copyright attribution message. No debug messages to stderr 
>or stdout and no logs that I can see.
>Since it's not telling me why it's failing I'm at a loss to know what to 
>check. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I can start grubbing 
>around in the code but I'd like a pointer for where to look to start 
I don't think it's failing. It simply runs in the background. Check with 
a 'ps' from the cygwin shell window. bbackupd should be there.

Also, you can look in /var/log on the 'cygwin drive'. There should be a 
'box' file. If anything is going wrong, you'll see some evidence there 

I also submitted some scripts to get the cygwin stuff to run as a 
service. They should be in the 'contrib/cygwin' directory in the tarball.

Hope this helps.


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