[Box Backup] Housekeeping not catching up...

Imran boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Apr 13 09:58:39 BST 2005

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005 09:47:07 +0100, Ben Summers wrote
> > But basically the client in question has a lot of updates & new files 
> > so it
> > fills up and frequently needs cleaning.  The other clients have a lot 
> > of files
> > too.  but not as frequent of updates.
> The current implementation of housekeeping does not work for all 
> usage patterns. This is one of them which is sub-optimal.
> The next version will have a re-written housekeeper which doesn't 
> need to scan everything before deleting. The move to reference 
> counted objects will make a big difference.

Yeah definitely.  can't wait.  :) 

> A connection will only interrupt the housekeeping for it's own 
> account. All others will be unaffected. (you can see this from the 
> logs)

Yeah, but if something gets interrupted, it will have to do that account all
over.  which creates even more load?  I guess this would be solved by having a
much more efficient & faster housekeeping process. 

> That is probably going to take a while to clean up.

okalee dokalee.  just making sure that its not stuck, and that I shouldn't
reset the backup store or whatever.  cool. 

And thanks again, Ben!  :)


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