[Box Backup] (solved) More serious Win32 0.9f/RedHat 0.9 trouble...

Nick Knight boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Apr 14 21:08:30 BST 2005

I am just writing my own timer implementation so will test under that. I
assume something in the ssl lib is timing out when there is no activity?

I think you are right, the other issue I have found, on the same store
which was created by the windows bbackupd when access by a linux client
seems to be able to retrieve the file - although the date is a bit odd -


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> 1/ If the client effectively never fires a timer - doesn't it just
> continue trying to diff the file

Yes, it will continue diffing until the whole file has been processed
(with the time limit "disregarded"). After the diff, it will attempt to
upload the changes - and that's when the SSL error/"network issue"
between a client and a server comes in.

> 2/ What is it supposed to do when the timer fires? I am still looking
> at the code there!

It's supposed to switch off a boolean "keep diffing" flag (see signal()
handler in the same source file). Once switched off, the diff should
stop, and changes uploaded.



We might be running here into a combination of problems, but so far I
am seeing improvements with the patch I mentioned (Cygwin).

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