[Box Backup] Howto install the windows port

Per Thomsen boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Tue Apr 19 18:59:20 BST 2005

On 4/19/05 10:37 AM, Ken Gregoire wrote:

> here is a simple howto:
> http://www.mybizguard.com/modules/wfsection/article.php?articleid=9&page=2 

Just FYI, the bbackupd-config script generates all the keys and the CSR, 
so I just run bbackupd-config on the server, and make sure to point it 
at a directory where the config file, keys, etc. won't overwrite 
existing config info.

It usually looks something like this:

/usr/local/bin/bbackupd-config /tmp/XXXX lazy XXXX server.example.com 
/tmp /home

Where the first parameter (/tmp/XXXX) is where the files you want to 
transfer will be stored.

Then, sign the key, and transfer the files to your Windows box.


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