[Box Backup] Boxwin Client activity

Nick Knight boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Apr 20 21:27:46 BST 2005

The 0.09g is up on the server now for anyone who wants it. I am
interested in the feedback from the group on amount of time say a 5GB
file would take to diff - I understand the algorithm but how do you
calculate the optimum timeout for diffing the file.


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> This one client has a big file (~140M) that changes a lot (it's their
> accounting file). bbackupd appears to be timing out while diffing it=20
> (but not discovering the timeout), and losing the connection to the
> server.

Yes, that's exactly what happens, but the problem should be limited to
Cygwin and Win32 only. I have patched the Cygwin client (Nick will be
releasing a modified Win32 sometime later on), but that solves the
problem only partially. Even though the fixed MaximumDiffingTime timer
will make your backups complete successfully, the setting cannot be
longer than an SSL session/connection timeout (usually around 300
seconds?). Effectively, if you have large files around 500MB that
change a lot, you will be re-uploading almost the whole thing every
time (not enough time to diff the hell out of it). I am currently
working on a keep-alive patch for bbackupd, but running into some walls
for the moment.


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