[Box Backup] problem to get bbstored to start (2/2) - RaidFile BadConfigFile

Leo De Geer boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Aug 15 20:09:54 BST 2005

The raidfile.conig are working ok and eaven the bbstore-config are ok =
then i start to create users and are trying to start thebbstored i get =
error (2/2) - RaidFile BadConfigFile. This is my raidconfig file

        SetNumber =3D 0
        BlockSize =3D 2048
        Dir0 =3D /raid0.0
        Dir1 =3D /raid0.1
        Dir2 =3D /raid0.2

        SetNumber =3D 0
        BlockSize =3D 2048
        Dir0 =3D /raid1.0
        Dir0 =3D /raid1.1
        Dir0 =3D /raid1.2

And the system is FreeBSD 5.4 Stable

regards Leo De Geer
mobil +46705915987
hem=A0 +464457121

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