[Box Backup] Future development plan

Gary boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Aug 18 13:44:09 BST 2005


>      - (anything I've forgotten?)

A couple of things included in my own version of boxbackup

1.) Unlimited MaximumDiffingTime. It seems that the diffing algorithm
under both Win32 and Cygwin does not work too well on very large files
(500MB and up), thus causing very large uploads. The mod allows for
unlimited diffing time.

2.) KeepAliveTime. In case of very long or unlimited file diff
operations when searching for changes in large files, it is possible
for an SSL session/connection to time out, causing various upload
errors when a scan completes. The KeepAliveTime modification adds a set
of GetIsAlive() and IsAlive() client/server commands, to produce
factual packet traffic while a file diff operation is in progress.


The problem that the above two items above solve (for me) has been seen
under both Win32 and Cygwin, and (I believe) have been already merged
by Nick into the Win32 port. If we have a better diffing algorithm for
very large files, we could discard those two changes.


3.) StoreObjectInfoFile. Re-scanning a backup set for changes after a
shutdown/restart becomes almost instantaneous.

> Thoughts?

I think whatever the plan is, we sould really get the end-to-end remote
backup store content verification (without the need to re-download the
whole content) to work ASAP, if possible.


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