[Box Backup] Future development plan

Jonathan Morton boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Aug 18 16:22:25 BST 2005

> However, the diversity of editors and other tools out there makes 
> spaces
> a better bet. I think it would make sense to wait till the code is all
> merged and then just run expand on the whole lot in one go. That way
> there'll be no conflicts and no pain.

A better idea, IMO, is to run a "pretty printer" over the code before 
each merge.  Most of these can be set up for a particular style, as 
long as it isn't too esoteric.  Emacs even has one built-in (I think 
it's somewhere near the kitchen sink and the coffee maker).

I prefer to use tabs rather than spaces, otherwise I'll get COBOL 
fingers from my space and backspace keys.  I happen to use Nedit and 
CodeWarrior (depending on which platform I'm working on), which are 
both easy to set up for arbitrary-width tabs - and I think four is 
probably better than two or eight, which are the other common 

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